In case you hadn’t heard (in between details of his jaw-dropping workout preparations and his trips to Greggs for baguettes
There's no such thing as bad publicity, but sometimes there's the kind of publicity a marketing man can only dream of, and
Jake with his young co-star Oona Laurence Just as moving are the scenes between Billy Hope and his daughter. Jake isn’t a
Some actors work harder than others for a role. Jake Gyllenhaal, you may agree, works harder than most. Fresh from his emaciated
Jake Gyllenhaal's new boxing movie, Southpaw's trailer was released last month and there was one question everyone was asking
The last time we laid eyes on Jake Gyllenhaal, he was looking a lot skinnier than his usual defined self after losing 30lbs
Eminem's movie comeback could be on the horizon after a distributor was found for the film. The rapper - real name Marshall