South Africa needs to raise its per-capita growth if it wants to see a ratings agency upgrade later this year.
Treasury has halted the plan in attempt to stave off another downgrade.
S&P has downgraded SA's currency rating to junk. What does this mean for ordinary consumers?
Moody's has warned that SA and its neighbours will find it hard to borrow money soon.
The finance minister says he will tell Moody's the government won't spend what it doesn't have to try to persuade it not to follow Fitch and S&P.
The move follows that of S&P Global Ratings one week ago after President Zuma's cabinet reshuffle and subsequent protests.
Yolanda gathers the other Housewives over to dinner, trying to draw them away from the drama. But Brandi and Kyle try to talk things out, and of course it only escalates. I can't believe Kim sits there, saying nothing. I think what everyone really needs is a #GroupHug!
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So since posting 'The Great Depression of 2013' video on YouTube, we have had credit rating downgrades of Greece, the US
The news came after panic gripped global markets as a fresh showdown over Greece renewed fears that the eurozone will be