space flight

Space looks awesome in 2014. So did spaceflight. Here's the highlights from the year of going to the final frontier.
NASA has had to put its human spaceflight program on hold as one of the unsuccessful bidders has put forward a formal complaint
We don't just think about the next flight, we think about what happens 1,000 flights from now, when SpaceShipTwo is being operated by people who haven't even applied for jobs at our company yet... The door to the space frontier is opening.
Nasa often releases some pretty amazing photographs of Earth - but it pays millions of dollars for each of them. Now one
It hasn't been a great run for the Russian Phobos-Grunt spacecraft. First its solar panels opened facing the wrong way, dooming
Video streaming by Ustream Space Shuttle Atlantis is preparing to land for the final time, ending NASA's 30-year shuttle