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Astronomers are increasingly learning that all of our most common models of the solar system are way, way too simple. Whether
There are a look of tricks hidden inside the $2.5 billion Mars Rover Curiosity. Among them are the ability to analyse complex
The search for life on other worlds is one of the most intrinsically exciting frontiers in science — and also happens to
A British student recently selected as one of 100 candidates to go to, and die on the surface of Mars has admitted that the
We already knew that the Mars One mission to land astronauts on a hellish deathscape within ten years faced technical issues
An ancient, alien star passed through our solar system just 70,000 years ago, astronomers have discovered. The rogue star
NASA has unveiled dramatic new images of two small moons orbiting Pluto. The New Horizons spacecraft is currently hurtling
The five British ‘hopefuls’ for a private (non-profit) manned mission to Mars have been announced. Based on current technical
A new model of quantum mechanics has suggested that the Big Bang might not have actually happened. It’s a fringe theory at
The thing about the Mars One project -- a private, mass-participation initiative to send a group of hardy colonists to die