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That the Earth is beautiful from space is no surprise any more - but it's still possible for the reality of that to take
Jupiter’s Ghost. It sounds like a terrible sci-fi film, or a portent of something awful occurring in the solar system. It’s
A surprising number of people still believe that a ridiculously massive, dark planet is sweeping around our solar system
The Universe is expanding in all directions, all the time - and it has been doing so for about 13.8 billion years. And yet
A scientific paper hailed across the globe as ‘smoking gun’ evidence for the theory of cosmic inflation was probably wrong
There could be life on the Moon after all - from Earth. A new study has suggested that ancient life or biological material
There is a tradition in astronomy and space photography of over-promising with the names of stuff. Take the Horsehead Nebula
And this is the short amount of time we’ve been around to try: If you only wanted to explore our planet in a little more
NASA’s ‘Dawn’ spacecraft is getting ever closer to the dwarf planet Ceres - and the pictures it’s sending back are growing
Space is pretty big, so it should come as no surprise then that there's plenty we still don't know about it. Check out 10