Space Oddity

As a 16 year old, David Bowie is someone who has taught young people (including myself) not to follow the crowd and to simply live your life as you want to. Don't have any boundaries or barriers. Don't let other people judge you or let them tell you how you should live your life.
David Bowie was a pioneer. The first to embark on a vast array of uncharted turf musically, visually and often philosophically. Chaotic galactic ripples that stem from his work have even influenced exterior forces to bring unimaginable first-time circumstances to bloom, like astronaut Chris Hadfield playing a beautiful acoustic rendition of Space Oddity actually from space. Everything he did, whether it be the execution or the interpretation, was ground-breaking.
Of all the amazing things that Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield did during his time as commander of the International Space
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His poignant version of David Bowie’s Space Oddity has made astronaut Chris Hadfield one of the coolest men not on the planet
The man who sung 'All The Young Dudes' isn't so young anymore - rock star and actor David Bowie turns 65 on Sunday. Most