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"It needs to happen in my lifetime. We have wanted and deserved it for too long." Emma, a student studying in Barcelona, is a Catalan Independiste. She belongs to the 50% of the population of Spain's north-eastern region who would like to see Catalonia split from the Spanish state to form an autonomous country. And her cause is steadily gaining tangible political progress.
Recent news from Spain suggests that the reality could be even worse - that aid to education could be sliding backwards. This news could not come at a worse time.
This may deter those looking to live,travel or work in Spain. However, the truth is that there are a vast range of working and travelling opportunities through teaching English, and the Spanish population are determined to improve their prospects.
Chancellor George Osborne has said he is "optimistic" a solution will be found to the Spanish banking crisis. Mr Osborne
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Nearly £35 billion has been wiped off London's blue-chip share index after fresh eurozone and US debt