Spain Travel

Valencia is rightly famous for its Paella but, for one week only, many of the city's restaurants offer menus at just €20 for lunch and €30 for dinner, using the best of local ingredients.
Whether you go to the Canary Islands, Corfu or Florida (three favourite destinations), you might come back with a new love of the country, a desire to go back, and even a feeling that you'd like to support campaigns to promote better human rights in those countries...
One of my favourite bits of insider knowledge that I've picked up since moving to Spain was getting to know about the "secret" beaches. Ask any local and they'll be able to tell you about at least one unspoilt cove - often just minutes from even the busiest towns -
The County of Berguedà in Catalonia, in the foothills of the Pyrenees, is leading the way in Spain in promoting Eco-Tourism - hotels, camping sites and restaurants already sport the EU Ecolabel. Organic food and wine are also on the menu.
With chilly February extending into an equally frigid March, I think longingly of our recent trip to one of my favourite cities - sunny Seville, the exquisite capital of Andalucia in southern Spain. Only a short flight from the UK, followed by a short taxi ride, Seville is an ideal weekend destination.
Orange trees are not the only fauna in greener-than-you'd-think Seville. Indeed, Andalucía has many stunning parks and gardens