spanish food

I have always loved researching: the sight of books piled up high on my desk or scattered all over is a pleasurable one in itself. Summer 2016 officially started for me as I handed in the final papers for my courses -- halfway through college! Almost immediately as I returned all the library books, I started the desktop research phase for the projects before proceeding to my sites.
A bus takes me from the centre of the Rioja region, north, on a 70-minute journey to San Sebasti√°n. We pass through small farming villages where donkeys graze on the sloped hills, and cross bridges that stretch across great empty ravines. Water flows north over rocks below, before reaching the River Uruma in San Sebasti√°n.
I've snooped round shipping container community hub, Pop Brixton, a few times now since it opened back in the spring. I like the vibe, the community spirit, the extension of the vibrant street life around Brixton Station. I love the food there too - especially what's being cooked up at street food trader Donostia Social Club's first permanent pintxos bar.
With Christmas well on its way (hurrah!) and festivities in full swing, I thought I would share a little insight with you about a typical Spanish Christmas or, should I say 'Navidad'. Having spent many a festive season in Espa√Īa, I have seen that it certainly differs to here in the UK, but is no doubt still a magical time for celebrations, families and most importantly, amazing food!
In the development kitchen, the boys are working three months ahead for a dish (yes that's per dish) and they are currently working on about ten dishes before they will be ready to go downstairs to the restaurant, this is tapioca and lobster...
The excitement level in me is at 100% - I'm about to burst as I pull up to a restaurant ranked number eight in the world with no fewer than three Michelin stars. Armed with my whites neatly folded into my bag and my note pad, I'm ready to lean straight into my next culinary learning curve.
Spanish cuisine is famously meaty and so it is rare to find a place that focuses so intently on the growing, preparation and flavour of their produce. Everything they serve, they grow and the freshness is palpable. In a wholly good way you can taste the soil, it is almost akin to the concept of terroir in wine.
The problem with Barcelona is there is so much good food around that the choice can be overwhelming.
As a foodie PR and blogger living in London I'm constantly amazed at the amount of tapas bars we have. I'm probably more