Alberto Salas arrived in London from Mexico six months ago to work as a Spanish professor at Greenwich University. However, due to coronavirus, his classes were suspended. Stuck in the UK with nothing to do, he offered lessons on a social networking service, to see if his neighbours would be interested in learning. He soon received messages from locals in Lewisham and started teaching them via Skype for free.
The former congressman from Texas broke out the Spanish early, and the looks from his rivals said it all.
The Fresh Prince has also come up against a couple of trolls who were up to no good.
It was a heart-warming and hope-building experience to watch the progress made by this new project on a small Caribbean island in Panama during the few short weeks of my stay there. I think I'll check in with the team to ask 'how does the garden grow?' and find out if the momentum of the permaculture movement is massing.
I arrived into Quito, the capital of Ecuador, last week. It's a special place for me as it's where I first set foot in Latin America back in 2006. The Hispanic culture and language have now been a passion of mine for over half of my life and I continue to love it.
Spain, known as the land of sol, siestas and sangría, is less well known for the diversity of its linguistic heritage. Though most people could probably identify Basque and Catalan as languages spoken in Spain, the Iberian Peninsula is home to a number of minority languages and dialects you've probably never heard of.
This is what Wilson Ayala Romero tells me when I ask him about his work: "My colleague had a fall at work; she split her
I'm quite surprised at this statement because I love Spanish food, particularly tapas and that idea of trying a little bit of everything. I say that now because I never used to be. It used to be 'right, I've ordered that dish and that's the only dish I want to eat' (perhaps I'm appreciating the idea of sharing more in my mature years!).
A Christmas miracle has struck a Senegalese refugee who travelled to Europe on a migrant boat with just €5. The 35-year-old
Recently, I was asked to help a young student in my school from France with some of her classes. She's in the process of