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When I visited the Rutherfords I promised them that if Labour won the election, cancelling the bedroom tax would be the first thing I did. When I saw the exit polls at 10pm on 7 May I thought of Warren and his grandparents. I felt we had let them down and I feared what another five years of Tory government would mean for them and the other 500,000 households paying the bedroom tax. On Tuesday, Paul and Sue got a rare piece of good news. They took the government to The Court of Appeal - and won, with the Judge concluding that the bedroom tax is unlawful because it discriminates against disabled children and in a separate case against the victims of domestic violence.
Ed Miliband has said he is "bringing back socialism" to Britain as he vowed to strengthen the national minimum wage ahead
The hugely controversial "bedroom tax" would be abolished under a Labour government, according to the Party ahead of their
The letter of complaint penned by Conservative Chairman Grant Shapps demanding an investigation into "the action of UN Special
Leeds council has confirmed it will reclassify hundreds of rooms in council houses in a bid to help residents avoid the so
Hundreds attended a protest in Glasgow over the bedroom tax in March (pic via @ScrapTrident) Bedroom tax might actually be
The introduction of bedroom tax has seen the number of people claiming extra handouts from councils to meet housing costs
Hundreds of anti-cuts activists have delivered "eviction notices" to the homes of Lord Freud and Iain Duncan-Smith, in civil
As his lips curled around the stained mug and the hot mud water reached his throat, he wished for the umpteenth time that he had never said that he could easily live on £53 a week. Iain did not know exactly how many times he'd wished this. He just knew it was more than he'd had non-tea or abuse bricks thrown through the window.
Millionaire Tory party chairman, Grant Shapps, has defended the so-called "bedroom tax" insisting that even his children