sperm donors

Some men are put off before they even start. Because screening can reveal issues about future fertility, current health and the health of any existing, or future children, men are, quite rightly, advised to think very carefully before they decide to donate sperm.
A same sex couple in New Zealand who hope to become parents are appealing on Facebook for sperm. Ashleigh Habgood, 28, and
Britain's national sperm bank is launching a recruitment drive for "superman'' donors amid revelations it has just nine registered
A man who used Facebook to advertise his services as a sperm donor, is set to become the biological father of ten babies
They say there is never a right time to have a child, so why wait? I disagree, for most people there is a right time financially and psychologically.
Incest; is there anything more shudderingly repulsive? The internet may have desensitised us to many formerly unspeakable acts, but sexual relations between family members are still morally repugnant and utterly disturbing... Or are they?
Some people have a hard time adapting to parenthood when a child comes along. For David Wozniak, that challenge is multiplied
A British man who ran his own fertility clinic may have fathered up to 1,000 children using his own sperm. Dr Bertold Wiesner
Women as young as 18 years old are signing up to online sperm donors after feeling frustrated with their search for ‘Mr. Right
London Sperm Bank uses online-dating style approach to promoting donors with online catalogue offering 'well-dressed' donors