Homes in Britain will see an influx of large spiders in coming weeks as males go on the hunt for a mate, experts say. Fine
A three-year-old girl spent three days in hospital and was unable to walk after being bitten on the leg - by a false widow
As the nights grow colder and darker, Britain’s arachnids are making their way into our homes for warmth. So it’s a small
Apparently spiders are good news, however intimidating they can look. Before you squish the next one to invade your home try to remember they eat pests such as clothes moths, flies and mosquitoes, and that can help curtail the spread of disease.
In news that nobody wants to hear, more giant house spiders are set to head indoors thanks to this summer’s weather. The
This is apparently what it looks like when the inside of your shed is infested with Daddy Long Legs. They clump together
Abbi Rigby purchased a bunch of grapes to give to her children from her local Asda on Tuesday afternoon. But the 31-year
Mmm... bananas. Lovely sweet, soft bananas. Oh hang on, what's that? It's moving. Bananas shouldn't move. Oh, it's a massive
If you’re frightened of spiders you might want to cross this place off your list of places to visit. For last week the residents
We really recommend going to the toilet before you watch this, because it's going to make you not want to sit on the loo