You could smell the jasmine as Amitabh Bachchan engaged Steven Spielberg in a lively conversation. The 30-minute conversation anchored by Big B saw Steven Spielberg at his charming best. He is a genius behind the camera and an extraordinarily humble and witty conversationalist in front of it.
Dr Zahi Hawass, an egyptologist who styles himself as his country's 'Indiana Jones', has pressed foreign governments, museums and collectors to hand back even those treasures taken and maintained with the best of intentions. The British Museum has long resisted his attempts to return the Rosetta Stone.
Well, the film of War Horse came and went, much loved by many, less loved by others. I thought it was a wonderful adaptation of the story, as the play is too.
Steven Spielberg has accepted that he is an "old-fashioned" director. The Jurassic Park helmer explained that although he