One of the most important messages I took away from the experts was that our expressions and demeanor can say a lot about us - so it is important as an intelligence officer to be aware of what we are saying when we are not speaking.
While that's bad news enough, Hannigan also pointed out that there's an added element of difficulty which is that typically
This latest episode will capture the public's imagination - as a good spy story always does - and will threaten to impact the reputation of not only the intelligence services involved, but also their governments.
A judge has ruled that online spying conducted by UK government intelligence officers does not violate European human rights
From lost nuclear devices to undercover cats, what has the US government been hiding from the world?
The UK is to hold a much longed-for public inquiry into the poisoning of Russian dissident Alexander Litvinenko, Theresa
A leaked list of tools allegedly developed by the intelligence agency GCHQ to spy on internet users has revealed the vast
The Cambridge Five spy ring were constantly drunk, according to their Russian handlers, and regarded as incapable of keeping
On this anniversary, I want to salute the bravery of Edward Snowden. His conscious courage has given us all a fighting chance against a corporate-industrial-intelligence complex that is running amok across the world. I hope that we can all find within us an answering courage to do what is right and indeed take back our rights. His bravery and sacrifice must not be in vain.
MI5 has warned that foreign spies have found a new target in the post-Cold War fight for intelligence supremacy: Your humble