Spike Lee

Rather than spending time hammering Tarantino for his use of violence in his films, how about we get the US government on the blower? They're the ones who insist on upholding a Constitution that allows gun ownership, which was put together at a time when people only ever owned muskets.
Spike Lee is no stranger to getting all up in Quentin Tarantino's business. He's berated Tarantino before for his use of the word 'n****r' in Jackie Brown, asking the question "What does he want to be made - an honorary black man?" as though skin colour is some kind of gentleman's club.
Spike Lee has always been a very honest filmmaker and his art of storytelling never seems to be comprised. From the outset Red Hook Summer has a feeling of realism.
As Mike Tyson: Undisputed Truth opens on Broadway the star was joined backstage by none other than Kanye West and 50 Cent
Award winning actor and writer Cyril Nri and I are cogitating thus because an actor we know, one decorated by Her Majesty for services to British acting and star of a hit US series, has had his remarks, regarding slim-pickings for black actors, turned into this broadsheet headline, "David Harewood: as a black actor there are very few roles for me in Britain".
Spike Lee has agreed to give compensation to an elderly Florida couple whose address he published on the internet in connection
Watching black boys from London as protagonists made me giddy with joy, made me a black girl from London feel recognised, less invisible in the wider world. I don't know much about the actors that played the teenagers but their mannerisms and accents were convincing. Even in dealing with the film's drug dealing sublot which felt superflous - empty, weighty and simplistic - they were earnest enough.