spina bifida

The landmark operations treated spina bifida and could be life-changing.
'It was one of the most amazing feelings, to see her so proud of her scar.'
everybody banner Sometimes I wish there was some way to make things just a bit simpler for this little star. You wont ever see him complain though, and as parents we always find a way to help him achieve anything he desires, but it sure isn't always easy. And I can only imagine that the older he gets the harder this will become.
bmm banner.jpg Being the father of a child with a disability has profoundly challenged me. But it has also profoundly changed me. It has even led to being the first leader of a political party in the UK to job share, with our MP Caroline Lucas, so I can continue to support, love, and learn from, my son. It has changed my idea of being a father. But also what is means to love. How we define success. My values. My outlook. And with my hand on my heart, I am convinced I am the richer for it.
Five-year-old Faith died unexpectedly in her sleep.
A heartbroken mother is begging burglars to return a camera memory card which contains the final photos of her five-year
A mum will be taking Harrods staff through the basics of "what a mobility aid can look like" after she was told her son had
As the Halloween costume scramble gets underway, the nation braces itself for a flurry of goblins, ghouls, ghosts and the