spirit of 2012

As a former Chair of the UN Working Group on Sport for Development and Peace I wonder what, if anything, has sport contributed to the progress of the human and social MDGs? And how is that momentum continuing?
Today, we mark the International Day of Disability, a UN initiative to "increase public awareness, understanding and acceptance of people with disability and celebrate the achievements and contributions of people with disability."
Was it Erraid Davies, Scotland's youngest ever competitor (and the youngest at these Games) storming into the history books to win a Bronze medal in the SB9 100 metres Breaststroke? Jazz Carlin winning Wales' first gold in the pool for forty years? The amazing emerging talent of 16 year old Claudia Frangapane, scooping no less than 4 gold medals? Whirling dervishes in tartan? Usain Bolt clowning with the 'crazy' Hampden crowd? Kylie meets Lulu? Thousands singing in the rain with the Big Big Sing on Glasgow Green? All of those nailed Glasgow's 'best ever' hosting of the 'friendly games'.
Over two million British children live in families who can't afford a trip to the seaside... we like to run day trips and camps to classy events and venues that disadvantaged teenagers are otherwise very unlikely to get near. The latest of these is the residential camp we've set up in Glasgow across the Commonwealth Games.
This is the way forward-- to enable everyone to see how participating in and creating art can truly change their lives for the future, giving a sense of value, a sense of achievement, and a sense of sheer fun. As a country we surprised ourselves with the success of the Olympics --now we will surprise ourselves with how far into the future we can take the Spirit of 2012.
Today is Friday. Friday the 4th October 2013 to be precise. Exactly four weeks since we left a hotel in a windswept John O' Groats in the far north of Scotland to begin our journey. It was rainy and damp that morning and our spirits were high. Today is another day and another Friday. 1100 miles down the road and we have just rolled into Lands End.