May this yogi couple nama-stay in love. During a vacation on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, Alec Horan proposed to his girlfriend
You first need to ensure that you've prioritised your partner at home. That's the church your partner first sees. It's in you.
I did my best to believe in this superhuman Jesus even though his powers made no sense. Only as I grew older did I begin to question his fantastic feats.
We have seen people killed, countries conquered and territories occupied in the name of religion. Love it or hate it, religion is not to be taken lightly.
We all have that "inner critic" voice in our heads. This "inner bully" is that nagging and persistent voice, which tells
I had only ever known myself inside a religious context. But I followed the path that unfolded for me, taking me to self-reliance and full accountability.
Ahead of Easter 2017, The Huffington Post South Africa is delving into what faith and spirituality means to South Africans here and now.
African spirituality, our culture, is all about human lineage. If I don’t remember him, my culture is gone.
Give one (or several) of these a try the next time you're feeling low. Happiness looks good on you. A previous version of
Colleen Saidman Yee is an author and international yoga instructor. Designer Donna Karan tapped her and her husband Rodney