spoken word poetry

"What is reli-gion?" Shaykh Babikir asks, his thick Sudanese accent curling the word out over his bottom lip. "Man creates
I've long extolled the merits of spoken word and Simon Mole has previous for pushing, twisting and manipulating the boundaries of the art form.
Is public engagement on social networks, and the gathered momentum produced in involving oneself with social media campaigns enough to bring about change? Can we expect a brief flirtation with a trending hash tag or a concerted online debate with others to bring about seismic change?
"Investing so much time in the rich who are coming to the end of their time, instead of investing time in us who have lives to live and haven't yet reached our primes... How can we grow in a world where the dads don't help and the government don't love us?"
'Look Up' presents nothing particularly novel in its message, yet it has inevitably captured the zeitgeist of the modern age: a precarious blend of excitement and dread has consumed - and will continue to consume- a species that shares an increasingly close relationship with the technology we have created.
A friend of mine recently sent me the video for Mark Grist's spoken word poem "Girls Who Read". I know that it's been around for a while but I was quite surprised upon finding worryingly few negative responses to this mind-numbingly sexist bullshit, so here is my open letter to Mark Grist...
Tempest shuffles onto the stage with a kind of affable apprehension and informally introduces us all to the show, keen to emphasise that the typical barriers between performer and audience don't apply here
Perhaps the most exciting aspect of spoken word as a medium is its lack of definition and therefore its incredible versatility
Spoken word is often thought to be just about poetry, but I believe it to be a delivery of speech in a strong enough way to affect those who hear it.
Romero brings his poetic oratory together with a white background: he only wants you to hear the words. With a great focus on the language, his spoken words usually tends to focus on the words themselves, the dynamics of tone, facial expressions and body language. Actions, sometimes speak far louder in a performance.