spoken word

Inja is one of the leading poets and spoken word artists supporting Words that Burn, a new national poetry and human rights education project, from Amnesty International that launched in partnership with Cheltenham Literature Festival. Here he performs his poem She just wanna dance exclusively for HuffPost UK.
Spoken word artist Imtiaz Dharker performs her poem This Tide Of Humber in an exclusive vlog for HuffPost UK which attempts to 'capture the the pull of a city where dislocation and separation mix with images of water and sky to create a unique sense of place'.
Spoken word artist Isaiah Hull performs his poem Bled Nose Day in an exclusive vlog for HuffPost UK. His poem is part of the BBC's Contains Strong Language campaign - and Isaiah will be performing his poem on BBC Radio 2 Jo Whiley's show on National Poetry Day (Thursday 28 September).
Suzy Gill is an actress, playwright and poet. In this vlog for HuffPost UK, Suzy performs an extract from her poem Systematic Problems which was written in response to an uncomfortable situation she found herself in.
Spoken word artist Amani Z Saeed performs her poem Radical Love exclusively for HuffPost UK. In the vlog she speaks of her frustration with terrorism and the Islamophobia that follows.
Benna has never voted before. In this vlog for HuffPost UK, in which he performs his poem Why I've Never Voted, he talks about how voting is protest. He says 'the things that happen when I don't vote are the same things that happen when my peers do,' and how it is down to young people to ensure that the 'views from down here' reach the 'silver spoon meeting rooms'.
Doug Deans, in the poem Bloody Right, describes a conversation between a father and daughter. In this vlog, Doug performs the poem and touches on the frustration one young woman is facing - she doesn't know who to vote for or whether she knows enough.
Writer and comedy performer Madi Maxwell-Libby performs her poem Kids, Coins, Cuts in a vlog for HuffPost UK. In it, she speaks about the severe inequality in our society today, benefit cuts and the children left behind.
Emmanuel Speaks is a spoken word artist from East London. In his performances, Emmanuel tackles emotional and often difficult subjects. In this vlog for The Huffington Post UK he performs an original poem about Female Genital Mutilation.
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