Spoof Ads

Findus have taken the bull by the horns and produced a bold new advert following the horsemeat scandal. Take a look at the
We open on a single snowflake, drifting gently through a night sky to land on the upturned nose of a child, wearing a bobble hat. Holding a puppy.
In an unexpected move, Apple has made Stacey Solomon the voice of 'Siri' in the UK. Take a look at the new advert, above
If you're as excited about the upcoming iPhone 5 as we are*, then brace yourself for important information about the product
Forget Bradley Wiggins, Mo Farah and Jessica Ennis (just for a second, mind). We'd now like you to turn your attention to
Feeling a bit intimidated by the sheer awesomeness/brilliance/super-skillz of the Olympians? Well, here's a short video that's