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Christmas is fast approaching, and we've all heard of the hottest toy on the market right now - airboards. Or rather, hoverboards
My, they are a fussy lot... (Video made for HuffPost UK Comedy by David Beresford and David Schneider.)
We're so, so sorry you can't unsee this... (Video made for HuffPost UK Comedy by Handface and David Schneider, featuring
Well, the latest party political broadcast by UKIP wasn't quite what we expected... Thanks to Handface, David Schneider and
We've all done it... multiple times. And now, College Humor has made a commercial about it. Yes, if you've ever eaten an
At only 8mm thin, and weighing in at less than 400g, the 2015 IKEA Catalogue is really quite revolutionary. It comes pre
Imagine what it would be like if Wonga commercials were brutally honest? We did... (Video for HuffPost UK Comedy by David
'This Is a Generic Brand Video' started as this terrific piece by Kendra Eash on McSweeney's - and was then brought to equally
The true meaning of Christmas isn't magic and sparkle. As our run-through of 2013's biggest Christmas adverts shows... (Made
Quite probably, yes. It's almost certainly the most vicious. Hurrah! A tip of the hat to those talented chaps Adam Kay and