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In case you missed it - the Queen sent her first tweet today.. (Executive producers: David Schneider, Handface, Amanda Wilkie
Our list of 15 Fake Movies We'd Like To See (see below) just got upped by one. Ladies and gentlemen - but not children - we
What happens when Gary Oldman comes face-to-face with his nemesis: a PG Tips chimpanzee? Watch the Dawn Of The Planet Of
All the cool hipsters are at the Sundance Film Festival right now. So if you're sad about not being there with them, fear
Grab some popcorn, sit down with us and enjoy 15 trailers for movies that don't exist - but we really wished did...
A tip of the hat and a click of the heels to guyismdotcom for creating our favourite new mash-up: Baz Luhrman's 'The Great
Now, we know there's nothing particularly laugh-out-loud funny about buildings being hit by a meteorite and people getting
It was only a matter of time before Hollywood got their hands on Hollywood. (Trailer by David Schneider and Handface).