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Instagramming your food. Dropping names. Never letting someone forget the favour you did for them. Yes, if you do all of
Thank you, comedians Dave and Brian, for creating this - a wonderful alternate universe in which women are adored and admired
Dad Metal - watch more funny videos A tip of the hat to Spencer Riviera for this amazing-looking album, which features such
Or really rather awful, depending on your point of view. After all, it is American and slick and these people are clearly
CollegeHumor's Favorite Funny Videos Fed up of family members buying you useless and/or thoughtless Christmas gifts? Then
Greg, Nathan and Kendal - aka The Peterson Farm Brothers - live in Kansas. Where they a) farm and b) make music parody videos
You know who you are, hipsters. And so do we. Mainly because you go around wearing beards and glasses. And riding bicycles
You know what this day needs? Nicolas Cage's head on Miley Cyrus's body in her 'Wrecking Ball' video. What's that you say
American expat photographer Mark Griffith pays homage to both Beijing and 'Empire State Of Mind' in this spoof he's produced
Know those YouTube videos where one musician plays all the instruments in a song? Where they do that split-screen thing, so
YouTube Comedy Week continues apace - and many of its videos have a musical theme, it seems. We've already had David Brent's
It started with goats shouting like humans. And then a goat infiltrated a Taylor Swift music video. And now the bleaters