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Have you ever wished 'Fifty Shades Of Grey' was a bit sillier? No? Well Blamco don't care. Their expert video editors have
Ed Milband can run, but he can't hide... from his legacy. Check out the trailer for the new horror movie that's coming out
We always thought there was something a little creepy about Woody, but... Well, put it this way. We don't really advise showing
We are, here at Huffington Post UK Comedy, huge fans of the Screen Junkies team. But never more so than right now - as the
It's the film "shot on location in some of New Zealand's most beautiful blue-screen studios"... it's... 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected
It's the best Tom Hanks movie ever made! Although it could have been even better if it had featured 'Big'... (Via Official
Sit back and enjoy the trailer for "the mindblowing sci-fi game-changer - and the sequels that took a huge steaming dump
A tip of the hat to comedian Pete Holmes for coming up with this: 'Good Will Batman' - a “recut and remastered” version of
How much do we love this? Almost as much as we love Ryan Gosling. Yes, click play to enjoy Batman getting the romcom treatment
It might go something like this. Cue Amy Winehouse and Marvin Gaye on the soundtrack, and some sexy/comedic/dramatic highs