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At the risk of being a person in a glass house throwing a stone: this really is a fascinating insight into how things work
Remember LG Electronics' urinals prank - in which they tested the theory that men can't go to the toilet if someone's watching
...thanks to Cassetteboy, that is. Click play above to see what happens when the master of mash-ups gets his hands on Jamie
Worried about heating bills - and more? Check out the government's top tips for keeping warm this winter in this public information
It may have taken Attenborough a few weeks to bring us his take on that infamous VMAs spectacle - but it was worth the wait
(Video made for Huffington Post UK Comedy by Robin Flavell and Handface) More TOPICALOLs: LOOK: Government's Under-25s Benefits
A tip of the hat to Slacktory who have provided the internet with the first - and somehow inevitable - parody of this week's
Are you off to yet another f***ing music festival? Then watch our handy video guide, made for HuffPost UK Comedy by Handface
It's the Wimbledon final we all want to see! (As imagined for HuffPost UK Comedy by Handface and David Schneider.) More TOPICALOLs
Don't worry - it's not your fault if you look bitchy without meaning to. It's a disorder that affects millions of women every