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Terrified at the thought of working out? Putting off going to the gym? Not actually that inclined to put fitness first? Then
Ladies and gentlemen of countries other than Ireland: allow us to introduce you to the Iona Insitute. The Iona Institute
According to its YouTube uploader, this is from a Quebec sketch show. But don't worry - you don't have to speak French to
Thought every idea for a TV format had been done? Think again! Take a look at our trailer for The League Of Extraordinary
Know what comedy treat we're really looking forward to on TV this Christmas? Nope, not 'Paddy's 2012 Show and Telly'. It's
Wow. We're not sure how to react to this... other than to stock up on tinned goods, tell our family and friends how much
Ah, Yoko Ono. Artist. Musician. Fifth Beatle. Yes, if Yoko Ono didn't exist, you'd have to make her up. And seeing as she
The Danish detective has been given new knitwear - but how is she taking it? (Video for The Huffington Post UK by @davidschneider
Ever wondered how Starbucks get that perfect blend of tax minimisation and corporate b*llocks? Look no further... (Video
The Huffington Post UK reveals what Mitt Romney was REALLY saying when he spoke to his supporters and conceded victory to