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The battle between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama is now the most anticipated film of the year. Take a look at the trailer
Ever wondered what it's like in the writers' room of the US election? (You did realise it was scripted, right?) Well, wonder
With his "binders full of women" quote, it would seem that Mitt Romney is doing a pretty good job of acting an eejit all
Jeez, you can tell this lady's on her period. Fictional CEO of Bodyform, Caroline Williams, has responded to a Facebook rant
In an unprecedented move, the Iranian President has spoken out about The X Factor. Watch the video above to find out what
OK, that's it. We can resist it no longer. Yes, the internet sensation that is South Korean popster Psy and his Gangnam Style
Thought the 'Magna Carta' moment was embarrassing for our PM? That's nothing. Watch the video above to see what didn't make
Hot on the heels of The Poke's autotuned message, there's now a subtitled version of Nick Clegg's 'No easy way to say this
There's something for everyone in this week's top 10 viral video round-up. Oh, yes. Like animals? We've got a lazy dog and
The Education Secretary made his shocking revelation during an interview with Kay Burley - watch the Sky News clip above