David Cameron prefers Albert Square to Ambridge and has a lot of sympathy for Jim Hacker's battles with Sir Humphrey, he
"Will you just get on with it?" Even Peter Firth, the man behind Harry Pearce, Spooks' longsuffering backbone as MI5 chief
Time to get out the hankies, obviously dusting them first for fingerprints. After ten series of poker-faced shenanigans at the heart of the British security services, Spooks finally signed off for good last night, and from the outset, it was clear that stakes were high.
Jason Donovan hopes his turn on Strictly Come Dancing will lead to more "gritty" roles on television. But the former Neighbours
While Downton Abbey begins to flex its narrative muscles, Spooks, in its final season, has the far harder task of going out with a bang, not a whimper, while somehow satisfactorily tying up all the loose ends - by which, obviously, I mean section chief Harry Pearce and trusty sidekick Ruth Evershed finally eschewing love for country in favour of something a little less abstract.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Spooks star Peter Firth has revealed the romance between his character Harry and colleague Ruth was
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Ratings hit Downton Abbey is to go up against long-running drama Spooks in a head-to-head Sunday night
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Spy drama Spooks is being axed after almost a decade on air. The BBC One show, which has featured stars