sports racism

Saturday, 3.30 pm, Old Trafford. My team, the great Manchester United is labouring against the ostensibly average West Bromwich Albion. The home fans are becoming unsettled, and rightly so: I've seen better performances in the park on a Sunday afternoon. And then it happened...
Comparing boys football to girls in terms of quality is unfair. Girls' football is growing fast but there's so many more boys playing the game. In our league alone, there are 79 teams and around 1,200 boys. The equivalent girls' league is tiny in comparison. There are very good girl players, but there's a lot fewer of them.
The way forward must surely be members within the crowd calling others to account - it's surprisingly easy to say to somebody, "Mate, that's not on" even if you're not as physically imposing as me.
The resurgent Evening Standard newspaper in London, which still manages to look and read like a real newspaper whilst being
At a time when we need calm and common-sense in the unabating racism in football row, David Cameron has decided that the best way to deal with an already ludicrously escalated sporting drama is to make it a political one as well, by announcing his intention to convene a special summit at Downing Street on the subject.
A law student denied today that he racially abused ex-footballer Stan Collymore on Twitter. Joshua Cryer, 21, of Jesmond
A law student will appear in court on Tuesday charged with racially abusing ex-footballer Stan Collymore on Twitter. Joshua
Liverpool striker Luis Suarez has apologised for refusing to shake Patrice Evra's hand before Saturday's game between Manchester
The FA was right to strip John Terry of the England captaincy, Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt said today as he accused Luis
David Cameron is expected to step into the row over racism in football by staging a Downing Street summit on the issue. The