So why the VHS/Betamax reference? Brace yourself... Our decision to make AR our tech of choice had been made for well-considered reasons however, our guest assured us that we had been lucky enough to make them for a few reasons we hadn't considered, namely porn.
Don't get me wrong, I love Women in Sport Week - I should, I was one of the people who devised the idea. The thing that would make me happiest is when someone in the industry moots the point that isn't it a bit.... err.... old fashioned. Redundant. Quaint. Unnecessary? That would mean our work was done.
Sports technologies like contactless payments, stadium apps to help you find a parking spot, order a beer to your seat, or access player information on the last goal scorer have incredible potential to boost engagement for sports fans and advertisers.
Fans want to get as close as they can to the sports they enjoy and innovation in cloud and analytics technology is helping create a better fan experience than ever before. Today, sports fans can access real-time information on the sport of their choice on their smartphones, tablets and other devices.
Possibly one of the oldest recorded sporting fixtures was the battle of David and Goliath but despite the biblical nature of that bout, the ethos of the little man taking on the behemoth is still a vibrant aspect of modern sport.
The Premier League, like many sporting events, is followed avidly by fans. Many times have we heard our friends shouting at the television over the referee's decision to give the opponent a free kick. Now we can channel our passion for sport, beyond just watching it on TV.
A 'holographic' pool table which projects the path of your shots before you play them has hit the web. The amazing invention