As a racing fan and a Le Mans nut I read the tweet that announced Allan McNish's retirement with disbelief and then denial. The avalanche of messages that followed made it clear that the three-time Le Mans winner was indeed quitting while at the top of the sport, just 45 days after clinching the 2013 World Endurance Championship title in Shanghai... I was stunned.
Mark Webber would be a welcome addition to the World Endurance Championship if he chose to jump ship from Formula One, according
Rumour is rife in Formula 1 and the sport would be much the poorer without it but the latest speculation surrounding Red
Hot on the heels of a third in class podium finish at Le Mans with the Vantage, Aston Martin has unveiled its latest offering
Audi have won the 80th Le Mans 24 Hours, claiming their 11th victory in 13 years and taking a clean sweep of the podium. Andre
An intriguing Le Mans 24 Hours erupted into drama when the Toyota Racing TS 030 - HYBRID of Anthony Davidson suffered a huge
Ferdinand Porsche, the designer of the iconic 911 sportscar, has died in Salzburg at the age of 76. Porsche, nicknamed Butzi
Always wanted a Ferrari but can't afford the $225,000 price tag? Well if you've got $15,000 burning a hole in your pocket