The squirrel seems to be nibbling on something inside the rubber, but it doesn’t seem to be nuts, berries, twigs or leaves.
'Never in a million years would I put his safety at risk...'
A three-year-old has been hospitalised after being attacked by a scurry of squirrels. Finley Renouf, from Redruth, was taken
flickr | Lukes_photos To help attract wildlife to your area, there are simple tricks, you just need to know which seeds, vegetables
A drunk squirrel has caused hundreds of pounds of damage after breaking into a pub and hosting his own private lock-in. The
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What do you do if you find a squirrel squatting in your handbag? Call the police, obviously. Well that’s what one woman did
Easter can be a rather gluttonous time of year - even for wildlife. This little chap saw the opportunity to supplement his
A squirrel has been dramatically rescued by fire crews after becoming stranded in a pond. Three fire engines attended and
Yesterday, we brought you footage of a spider doing the rumba. And today? We bring you squirrels dancing to Mariah Carey's
Listen up, everyone! Ariel the parrot has just spotted a squirrel out in the garden and - as you can tell from the video
Serves you right, Nutkin! This excellent action shot shows the exact moment a naughty nut-nicking squirrel realised he was
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UPDATE: This video has now been removed by the supplier. Have you been wondering what Will Young has been up to lately? Well
So the weather may have been a little unforgiving, and the traffic in central London a bit of a nightmare, but that didn't
Abandoned in a hedgerow, take a look at this rare red baby squirrel, rescued by a dog in Inverness. The squirrel is now recovering
Mikey is a one-eyed ginger tabby. He is also adorable, and occasionally enjoys sitting on a windowsill in his owner's house
Don't you just hate it when one of your housemates nicks your food? You innocently leave some biscuits out in the lounge