The former intelligence minister has warned that the intelligence agencies must be subject to more oversight.
Mismanagement at the top levels of the SSA is said to be one of the main priorities, with a further focus on allegations of money disappearing through the cracks.
The panel, to be chaired by former minister Dr Sydney Mufamadi, will assess the mandate, capacity and organisational integrity of the SSA.
"We've cleaned up town so all the gangs are out of Cape Town... The media are saying we are causing havoc; it's not like that. Cape Town is safe now."
The country's top spy has told a court that the inspector-general of intelligence cannot be trusted.
Dintwe is showing that he won’t be bullied by Fraser and that his office cannot be expected to kowtow to the SSA.
Minister Dipuo Letsatsi-Duba says all matters of concern between the inspector-general of intelligence and the SSA's Arthur Fraser will be dealt with.
The powers of the inspector-general of intelligence are clearly prescribed in law.
The battle between the inspector-general of intelligence and SSA boss Arthur Fraser again raises questions about the independence of SA intelligence services.
Pauw believes the man accused of setting up a parallel intelligence structure which looted millions is the complainant.
The case relates to a docket opened by the State Security Agency (SSA) at the Lyttleton police station in Pretoria.
"I want to go into the depth of this book and be able to make a judgement whether it is a credible move to try and stop the book," said Ramaphosa.
Nzimande said much of what is contained in the book, the SACP had long been preaching. 
The security agency's order can't force any withdrawal or retraction, says the legal team of Jacques Pauw and NB Publishers.
"We can't allow people to undermine the authority of the state."
The "hacked" version of the book went viral on social media on Saturday after a PDF copy surfaced on WhatsApp.
He said South Africans to give support to Pauw for standing up to wrongdoing and to the abuse of the intelligence service.
The president and his cronies have been stung by Jacques Pauw's book. We shouldn't put anything past him.
“When you speak to truth to power, there are risks involved… There is a legal process afoot, and we will respond to the SSA's lawyers next week.”
Pauw's allegations are a startling indictment of South Africa's intelligence agencies and their relationship with President Jacob Zuma.