St Helier

Peter Bach's powerful new film, "Sell-Off" maps out the steady privatisation of the National Health Service which is going
Jersey is an Island of riches, known for it's beautiful cows, potatoes and off-shore bank accounts but as finance isn't my forté, I'll leave that to the billionaires who live here. Jersey produces some cracking produce from seafood to the famous Jersey Royals so it's no wonder chefs gravitate to work here.
The week is a week of transition. The summer is concluding, and we cling on to its last embers, enjoying the sun and the
A man who killed six people, including his wife and two young children, in a knife attack which took place a year to this
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- A 30-year-old man arrested over the murders of three adults and three children in Jersey is being questioned
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- A murder investigation is under way after a crazed knifeman went on the rampage on Jersey killing six
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- A sixth person has died in hospital following a knife attack on Jersey. The woman was left critically