St Hugh's College

I still have a faint hope that Aung Suu Kyi might change her position on the Rohingya, as she acknowledged there was a problem by setting up the Advisory Commission on the Rakhine State and seemed sincere in her wish to solve it.
The Black Cygnets group from St Hugh's College, despite being officially banned from college premises, sent out invitations for their annual event earlier this week. Male invitees were told to dress in "hunting attire", while the female attendees, the many of whom are freshers, were instructed to come as "foxes".
Oxford University has scrapped its unpopular wealth test for postgraduates following a law suit challenge from a student
Oxford University has apologised to the student who is accusing the institution of "discriminates against the poor" after
A would-be university student is taking an Oxford college to court alleging that it turned him down for a place on financial