stag do

With everything from your morning run to the cute office dog now being a crucially important thing to document across every social media platform going, it's no wonder people are starting to question how you can utilise these technologies for slightly bigger milestones in your life such as say, a wedding?
6. Constantly worrying someone getting arrested. 13. Just wanting to leave the soul-destruction but not wanting your masculinity
I had the distinct privilege of being asked to be a best man recently and was absolutely touched that Justin thought of me in such high regard so I was determined to repay his faith by at least getting my first and arguably the most important job right, arranging the stag. How hard could it be to round up our closest buddies, decide where to go and how to do it and send JJ off in style?
Before last Saturday, the only stag do I'd been on was my own father's. It was a sleepy, pints-and-darts affair in a pub, though there was a moment where Dad's four brothers persuaded him to stuff a whole egg in his mouth...
There are going to be some pretty sore heads after this stag do. This was the carnage apparently wrought by a group of lads
That Stephen Hawking eh? You can’t do a thing without him trying to hog the limelight. The Brief History of Time author recently
Aidan Burley, the Tory MP at the centre of a row over a Nazi-themed stag do, will step down as MP at the next election, he
If you work in a hotel you'll be used to being asked for an extra blanket, directions to the pub or recommendations for a
This blindfolded man thinks he's doing a bungee jump. He's not. Poor fella. Who'd be a Norwegian groom-to-be, eh? (Via Tastefully