As our audiences arrive at Shoreditch Town Hall, they're divided into two teams. Their objective is simple: to beat the other side. As the show goes on, the actions become more extreme, the morality more blurred. The choice between A and B becomes harder to make as the pressure on you to make it becomes higher. If the game is violence and the goal is victory, will you win at all cost or will you play to lose?
The show is a time capsule, in look, style, music and design. A piece of 70s theatre which feels as fresh and relevant today as ever.
If you are a performer, reviewers are like Americans. It is difficult to live with them, but it is difficult to live without them.
They say that if you want to be achieve something and be like someone, then you need to start hanging out with like minded people.
Earlier this month I got to sit down with master illusionist, his words not mine, Hans Klok for a little chat about his new show The Houdini Experience. I am an award winning (and highly modest) mind-reader who can't read minds, whose always loved magic, but illusions, just haven't excited me. Has Hans managed to change that with his first London show. You know what? I think he has.
I have occasionally blogged advice on the perils and pitfalls of staging a show at the Edinburgh Fringe. But it really requires a whole book - which is what Mark Fisher has now done.
We've all felt the harsh sting of a relationship breakdown, no matter what the circumstances - which is why we're pleased
Last night's X Factor results show saw not one, but two female solo singers take to the stage, in the shape of last year
Go to any amateur comedy night next month and you’ll almost certainly hear the following phrase: “When I was in Edinburgh