Stalking is not legally defined in the Protection from Harassment Act, but a series of behaviours are listed as guidance, such as following a person, persistently contacting them or spying on them. It only takes two instances of this behaviour to qualify as an offence under the act.
A stalker like Joe does not just wake up one day and start behaving like this – it is a pattern of behaviour that continues if it gets them what they want
Police must focus firmly on the perpetrator – call me radical and old fashioned, but they are the ones committing the crime
Nordquist sent her ex pictures of her naked and bound.
The centre will investigate high-risk stalking allegations and provide victims with psychological support.
One in five women and one in ten men have experienced stalking since the age of 16
Misconceptions of stalking often undermine the ability of the police and prosecutors to recognise, investigate and prosecute it
He was even able to contact her while within the prison system.
Some days after appearing in the media to discuss a report, I was naturally expecting some people to do a ‘double take’ when