Standardized Testing

We still just have time to mute the effects of Gove's 'accelerated curriculum' if we act quickly. If we do not, the PISA results of the 2020s will no doubt make even more painful reading for all involved in education in England.
After becoming convinced through two decades of research and scholarship that policy for children, young people and families
My six-year-old loves to dance, write and draw. Yesterday, she wanted to fly to the moon; today, she has said that she will settle for being an award-winning pianist. Oldest has dreams and she dreams big. We love the summer holidays. They are weeks that are filled with drawing, trampling through woods, splashing through streams and playing make-believe with her sister: weeks that she loves.
You'd think I'd be pleased that our nation's children are being taught to use apostrophes correctly. Believe me, I want everyone in the country to use apostrophes correctly. I really do. But this is not the way to achieve that particular utopia. Here's what's wrong with the new SATs...
A system which delivers not just for nine out of ten children, but for the remaining one in ten currently left behind. Which closes the attainment gap between children from our most and least deprived communities. And in so doing, not only transforms their lives, but all our lives - creating a fairer society, a more prosperous economy, and a country we can all feel comfortable living in.
Some of my best friends are teachers; gifted, experienced practitioners who have dedicated their lives to nurturing and curating
Scotland's First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon has made an impressive commitment to children in Scotland. She has staked her political reputation to the aim of eliminating the gap in attaining qualifications between Scotland's richest and poorest children.
If you knew of a method to help students improve their grades, their self-discipline, their focus, and their ability to manage stress, would you consider offering it in schools? If the side effects included stronger interpersonal relationships and increased intelligence, would you still consider it?