Stanley Donwood

Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke has taken the term ‘longplayer’ to the extreme with his latest recording, which will take you
Approaching the end of 2013, there is hardly a better way to celebrate it, than to give you an eloquent and visually captivating narrative of the personalities, sentiments, mechanisms and styles behind the Hang-Up family. All the images below tell a different story and give insights to some of the most compelling, perplexing, exciting and happy moments for us in 2013...
Last Friday evening we launched 'Apocalypse Boutique' - fantastically varied series of rare screen-prints, linoprints, etchings and original canvases by British artist Stanley Donwood.
The Hang-Up team met with British creator, writer and Radiohead's in-house artist Stanley Donwood to chat about his upcoming exhibition and retrospective of rare works, his first impressions of Thom Yorke and being David Hockney's number one fan.