star wars day

Read more on The Huffington Post And Loughborough University... This hamster... Alfa Romeo... But a lot of people aren't
Most companies use Star Wars Day as an excuse to shoehorn in their brand by posting a 'viral' attempt at a joke or pun, but
Did you know that the saying actually dates back to pre-Twitter times of 1979, and that late prime minister Margaret Thatcher is to thank for the tradition? Well, she sort of is. When she was elected on May 4, 1979, a headline in the London Evening News read, "May The Fourth Be With You, Maggie. Congratulations."
Well, that was a week of two halves. The first half being marked by Star Wars Day, the start of Clitoris Awareness Week (no
Saturday is, as any fule kno, Star Wars Day. Why? Because 'May the 4th' sounds like... We don't really need to explain this
It doesn’t take Jedi powers to have noticed that yes, this week, the world celebrated Star Wars Day (4 May). This could mean