star wars episode VII

Those who have seen 'The Force Awakens' will know that Kylo Ren is probably the best baddie we've seen in a movie since the
Watching the new Star Wars film, I was struck, beyond the music, how much like a symphony it is: a prospect hinted at the very outset propels us on a quest, luring us through many different moods and emotions, towards a climactic final reckoning.
I actually found myself longing to live a long time ago in a galaxy far far away, I as a little jealous of all the excitement wrapped up in the lives of all those in Star Wars and now I need to redeem my own life somehow. So if you're feeling a similar sort of disdain towards your own life, then let's work this through together, how can we find happiness after Epsiode VII.
This was the blockbuster to end all blockbusters. The hype was untenable and it has finally arrived, and what a spectacle it is.
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Don't get your hopes up - instead, keep them tempered and then be pleasantly surprised if The Force Awakens is amazing. That way you won't spend a year defending the film as a brilliant masterpiece as so many of us did with The Phantom Menace, trying to convince ourselves that it was just as good as the ones we loved when we were younger.
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