star wars the force awakens

The tickets are already on sale for the film’s Dec. 15 opening.
The Empire Strips Back, A Star Wars burlesque parody, has grown to become one of the most successful burlesque shows in the
Yes Admiral, it is indeed a trap, and you are officially five minutes behind every member of your crew. But that's partly what's so endearing: the archetypical befuddlement, and of course the delivery. Erik nailed it.
Those who have seen 'The Force Awakens' will know that Kylo Ren is probably the best baddie we've seen in a movie since the
The Revenant leads the pack with 12 nominations, ahead of Mad Max: Fury Road with 10 (oh my, a blockbuster??). Thing is, when the competition's this tight, how will you know for sure who's going to win? Let's take a look at the main categories.
I've trawled through Amazon to see once and for all the true colours of the biggest films released last year...
‘Star Wars’ fans, we’ve got some unfortunate news for you. Sit down. It’s all going to be alright. We all loved ‘The Force
So, I recommend you get to see this very entertaining Star Wars parody. It's called Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Which strangely enough is the same name as the new Star Wars film that everyone says is the 'Dog's nuts' - strange bit of marketing if you ask me.
Watching the new Star Wars film, I was struck, beyond the music, how much like a symphony it is: a prospect hinted at the very outset propels us on a quest, luring us through many different moods and emotions, towards a climactic final reckoning.
‘Star Wars’ fans have been victorious in a battle against Hasbro, who are set to add Rey to the newest ‘Star Wars’ Monopoly