It would take a while to count the stars in the sky but that’s exactly what scientists, astronomers and countryside campaigners want you to do. The sixth annual star count is taking place over the next month to help map light pollution in the UK. To get involved you need to go outside, count the stars in the Orion constellation and submit your results online before 23rd February. The initiative was started by the Campaign to Protect Rural England and the British Astronomical Society.
The NASA Hubble telescope has detected shooting ‘cannonballs’ twice as big as the planet Mars hurtling through space. The
Scientists claim to have found the ‘closest ever’ second-Earth, just outside our solar system. A report from the German Weekly
Gamma-ray bursts cut through space at close to the speed of light, leave a trail of celestial destruction and are powerful
An ancient, alien star passed through our solar system just 70,000 years ago, astronomers have discovered. The rogue star
Two individuals that could benefit from Galilei's controversial theory of heliocentrism are QVC channel host Shawn Killenger
Yes, folks, t'is true. Mag sales are on the decline, and our favourite weeklies are in danger of following in the doomed footsteps of Smash Hits, More and Company. But can they be saved? I think they can! But for that to happen, I - a one-time magazine editor and devoted connoisseur of celeb weeklies - believe there needs to be some dramatic changes first!