Starbucks tax

The Tories have come under fire for accepting just over £105,000 from telecoms giant Lycamobile, which has not paid corporation
Starbucks reported its first ever fall in UK sales last year, during a period when it was hit by a customer boycott over
Starbucks is moving its European headquarters from the Netherlands to the UK following a row over tax avoidance. The coffee
Margaret Hodge has launched a fierce attack on the Tories for accepting nearly half a million pounds of support from telecoms
A student union officer has accused his fellow students of "scabbing" by hosting a Macmillan Cancer charity event for which
If you were in charge of the UK Economy what would you spend the UK taxpayers money on? In this infographic by - you can take a snapshot view of what the UK Economy earns, gives, spends and loses. It doesn't make for pretty viewing.
Starbucks has not been singled out for criticism over tax, a senior Tory insisted after the firm reportedly threatened to
Facebook is the latest firm to come under scrutiny over its tax affairs after reportedly siphoning £440m into an offshore
In a surprising move, the three corporate giants have updated their logos: (Designed for The Huffington Post UK by Handface
For many multinational companies paying tax is a choice, it is all too easy for them to shift profits into tax havens, whether that's through buying all your coffee beans in Switzerland or paying enormous fees to an offshore subsidiary for the rights to use your own company's branding.