In a BBC6 Music interview with Mary Anne Hobbs on Sunday, graphic designer Jonathan Barnbrook stated there were further secrets
As a 16 year old, David Bowie is someone who has taught young people (including myself) not to follow the crowd and to simply live your life as you want to. Don't have any boundaries or barriers. Don't let other people judge you or let them tell you how you should live your life.
It's a testament to the visual language developed for Bowie's ★ album graphics by Barnbrook Studios that such an elemental, and seemingly literal, 'black star' image has the power to communicate so much whilst visually depicting comparatively little.
Last night the self-confessed 'triple threat' Andrew Stone couldn't get enough of the sound of his own voice, as he went in to great detail about his life, loves and career crushes. If that man ever releases a book, which he actually hinted at during last night's self-indulgent bore fest, it will probably sell as well as Alan Partridge's Bouncing Back but won't come with free torch or Chocolate Orange.