starter homes

As soon as you start picking at the details, the entire policy begins to unravel. It quickly became the billy-no-mates of housing policy. Councils hate the government riding roughshod over any idea of localism by forcing them to provide Starter Homes instead of other types of more affordable housing. The mortgage lenders don't like it, because they don't know the true value of the assets they're being asked to lend on.
From the letters I receive I know that buying a home is a priority for most young people but the biggest rule is to only borrow what you can really afford. Clearing debts before you begin the mortgage process is vital and then you can start looking for your dream home with a clean slate. It will happen!
Ultimately, the Chancellor's focus on building new homes in the Spending Review was welcome - but helping a broader range of people, not just aspirant home owners would be a more positive way of using the additional money.
Starter homes have two fatal flaws, and unfortunately one is their foundation stone. Firstly, they do not work for families on ordinary incomes. Shelter's analysis shows that Starter Homes will be unaffordable for families on average earnings in 58% of the country. It seems cruel to even mention how unaffordable they are for people on the National Living Wage...