state of the nation address

President Cyril Ramaphosa made a lot of promises during his Sona, and to make some of them a reality, some people in key positions will have to go.
Commitment to the rule of law is essential for business and the social development of the country, says Banking Association of South Africa in statement.
A tumultuous era has ended, and there’s a silver lining to the cloud that has been hanging over the country.
It focused on plans for land redistribution, tackling corruption in government and the state, fixing the social grants debacle and building the economy.
President Cyril Ramaphosa has announced a number of systems being put in place to stamp out corrupt governance.
Ramaphosa announced that a process to review the configuration, number and size of national government departments will be initiated. 
Ramaphosa's speech also focused on land redistribution, free education, economic development and fighting corruption.
Land, education, state-owned enterprises, employment and the economy.
The party says it will give President Cyril Ramaphosa a chance to deliver his state of the nation address.
The party has no choice but to design an early exit strategy for Zuma, or suffer significant political damage during the 2019 elections.
Our president seems determined to leave office on his own terms and not under instructions by the ANC.
Political parties will spend the next two weeks deliberating proposals for the impeachment of a sitting president.
This despite the EFF and the DA calling for a vote of no confidence in the president before his address, or for the event to be postponed entirely.
ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa is unlikely to push hard for Zuma's exit ahead of state of the nation address.
DA Leader Mmusi Maimane says President Zuma is 'too embarrassed to look up' in Parliament, or he is 'profoundly evil'.
Bumper cars are perfect image of a society in which there is difference of opinion that is dealt with through contestation, rather than aggression.
"Radical Socio-Economic Transformation is not just a political rhetoric. It is a more rigorous step towards building a better prosperous South Africa."
EFF says that debating the State of the Nation Address is "a waste of time".
Journalists say they were blocked from some areas and security is tougher every year.
President Zuma signed off on the zero pay hike for politicians days before his disastrous State of the Nation Address, and published it that morning.